Lego party

We celebrated a birthday this weekend! It was legos from morning 'til night, and we loved it every minute! There were:

**colorful candy (including the you-can-really-build-with-it block candy), fruit kebabs, and juice boxes covered in construction paper to resemble lego bricks.

**kirigami lego minifigures cut from construction paper, balloons, and lots of lego for decorations.

    **chocolate cupcakes with a (surprise!) chocolate cookie inside and vanilla butter cream, sprinkles, and a chocolate lego minifigure on top. 

    **a party favor designed by the birthday boy himself from the pick-a-brick section at the lego store. Then we packaged them individually and added a little 'thank you' sticker (not shown - how did I miss that?).

      **the rest of the time was filled with lego inspired party games (see links below) - but to be honest, they were most interested in running around and popping balloons.
        We finished off the day with him building all his new lego sets he got from his friends. A successful and fun party! Happy birthday to my boy - I'm so proud to be your mama!!

        Lego party links:
        Lego invitation - from the handmade home (we made something similar)
        Lego kirigami - from zakka life
        Lego party inspiration and games - from delia creates
        Lego party inspiration and games - from my many colored days
        Lego minifigure coloring pages
        Lego minifigure mold
        Chocolate cupcake with cookie - from bakerella (I used a different cake batter which is why my cookies didn't float to the top like hers - oh well! Still cute and yummy!)


        Amy said...

        Totally amazing! What clever ideas and you make it all look so classy!

        ali said...

        so super duper cute! I love the chocolate lego man...Karyn has that mold too!